Leica Telyt 200mm F4 PL

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Leica Telyt 200mm F4 PL


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Leica Telyt 200mm F4, professionally converted to PL mount (not a cheap adapter). Comes with both caps and a case. No scratches, fungus, haze, only some usual dust that you will find in most used lenses, nothing that affects the images. The aperture ring is clickless, the focus ring is smooth; there is a tiny bit of play in the focus ring, but it works just fine. I've shot a quick 4K test video, one of the sharpest vintage lenses I've used, especially at this price point! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXcNiHlyAmE There are also a few sample shots added here, all shot at F4!


Due to the nature of the items (vintage lenses), no warranty is offered. However, all lenses are sold as described, so if there are any impressions, etc, I always do my best to mention them in my listings. This way you will know exactly what to expect. However, if I ever miss something, I will be happy to take the responsibility.

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